After Obamacare Repeal: Moving to Patient-Centered, Market-Based Health Care

After Obamacare Repeal: Moving to Patient-Centered, Market-Based Health Care.


Obamacare moves American health care in the wrong direction by eroding the doctor–patient relationship, centralizing control, and increasing health costs. True health care reform would empower individuals, with their doctors, to make their own health care decisions free from government interference. Therefore, Obamacare should be stopped and fully repealed. Then Congress and the states should enact patient-centered, market-based reforms that better serve Americans.


The Conservative Alternative to Obamacare

The Conservative Alternative to Obamacare.

Dear friends,

We’ve been very critical of Obamacare because it’s hurting Americans. But that has caused some to ask, “What’s your alternative?”

The truth is, we’ve always had alternatives, but our critics weren’t ready to listen. Now, the disastrous rollout of Obamacare has a lot of people asking for alternatives to government-run health care. And conservatives are ready.

BEHOLD: An Obama Voter Facing Reality.

English: Signature of Benjamin Franklin.

English: Signature of Benjamin Franklin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From “Chicks on the Right” linked to a

CNBC video broadcast “For young and uninsured, Obamacare impact sets in.”

David says;

I can’t really blame her.  Like so many young people, they easily fall for the “promises” and “pie-in-the-sky” and “dreams really do come true” lines foisted by most politicians.  Quite simply, she was lied to, flat-out-lied-to and now she has learned, the hard way.  This is what happens when you don’t exercise DUE DILIGENCE in critical areas of life before you make unalterable decisions.

Civic responsibility is not supposed to be “elective.”  It is required to maintain what many fought and died for to gain our freedoms and liberties, and to preserve them for future generations.  Benjamin Franklin was not being flippant, humorous, or smug when he told the citizen who asked “What kind of government do we have?”, and Franklin replied, “A republic.  If you can keep it!”

…..For future reference, to quote one president of the United States…..”elections have consequences.”  That’s right Barack, and the lessons you have taught a WHOLE generation of young voters, I can only HOPE they never forget.